Ali Xeeshan Winning Nation’s Heart By Dressing Up As Santa For Christmas!


What was your reaction when you saw acclaimed couturier Ali Xeeshan skipping through the streets of Lahore dressed as Santa Claus, hauling sacks of presents along with him? Most people were surprised no doubt, a lot of them found it humourous ofcourse to see a brown Santa roaming the streets! However I suspect those who know the designer well expected no less from the eccentric designer. But behind all the fun there was a deeper meaning behind this story. It was a gesture that came from a place of purity and generosity, to raise the spirits of those less fortunate perhaps.

It is a lovely thing to spread happiness and joy to those around you. In the true spirit of Christmas that means giving, this unique Pakistani designer, celebrated for his enormous talent, thought about bringing a smile to his fellow countrymen. In these difficult times where each one of us has been affected in some way or another by the pandemic, Ali Xeeshan thought to bring a smile, a moment of joy in which they could forget their troubles.

And so carrying 2000 gift boxes he delivered not only presents, but also the spirit of kindness that may make others stop to think about how they could make a small difference in the lives of others. In these times especially more than ever, we need to show kindness to others. Where we are forced to physically and socially distance ourselves from loved ones, we must not forget about those who are alone. 

This act of kindness was appreciated and celebrated by everone as it went viral on social media as well. We hope Ali will continue to make these thoughtful gestures that in his own words, are ‘therapeutic’ for him. Lets take a look at these pictures once again! 


  • Rimsha Riaz

    A human needs to know themself, love themself and then express that love in form of art to make something magnificent happen. And every time Ali Xeeshan comes up with a design and I see the campaign for it, I see Ali in each and every piece of art. I see what he would have thought and felt when he made this specific piece. I feel like I know Ali after knowing his designs. And that is exactly what ART is. That is exactly what LOVE is.

  • Yasir Yaqub

    I am superb proud of sir alixeeshan people like them can make many unique and lovley things around all of us in many different ways i know sir alixeeshan very well his designes and inspirations make me very passionate about fashion and art i am also a fashion imaginative person and wish to work with him… last lots of love and blessings to him and his little cutee jansherr he is like him ……iam super glad if got a chance to work with him .thanku Yasir.

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